attles are the heart of a warrior. Even generals will become jealous on the sight of a warrior in full plate and a heavy warhammer in his hand. The preparations for battles is discontinued.
A prospering mod for armies battle is Armies of Arcana, which you should better have a look at.

The curent version of the battle code is 0.6, usable with  VASSAL 3.1.14 and java 1.5.  

Only sporadic updates or adjustments to new vassal version will be performed, but you are free to ask for new features.
ASSALs can fight in long campaigns along your side. The old world provides many chances for long campaigns as the enemies of the Reik are numerous. The Hordes of Chaos invading through Kislev from the Chaos Waste, the Orc hordes raiding from the mountains and forrests of the old world, the Skaven from the underdark and the Undead from Sylvania. But the worst enemy lurks within. Only the toughest VASSAL will survive...

A copy of the  VASSALENGINE is needed for campaigns and battle.